(Affiliated to Adikavi Nannaya University , Rajamahendravaram)
Vatluru(PO), Eluru


The Empowered Women is Powerful Beyond Measure and Beautiful Beyond Description
               Women Empowerment Cell is active in the institution which works for the welfare of the students and faculty towards preparing them into competent professionals to take up greater challenges in the academic sphere. The Cell stands for facilitating Women Empowerment through guest lectures, Seminars, Awareness programs and other Welfare activities.
                         It also provides a platform for women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in society.
  • Empower women to realize their potential and compete for equal opportunities in building a successful home and career.
  • To possess the tools that provide a better life for themselves and their families and they have the hope, opportunity and ability to control their lives and features.
  • To acquire the world free of thoughts where women’s rights are respected, imposing that women are strong, effective and well-resourced to allocate the achievement and to be free from Gender biased society.
  • To provide a platform for girls and women to share their experiences and views regarding their status in society and to suggest ways to improve and empower themselves.
  • To uplift the girls socially and intellectually the cell conducts various Awareness programs on health, entrepreneurship, legal Rights, etc., in order to equip them with the right knowledge for a life of equality, empowerment, personal enhancement and professional success.
  • To empower them in raising voice against Gender discrimination/ Injustice/ Violence.


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Facilities for women

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Women Empowerment Cell activities

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Annual gender sensitization action plan- 5Years

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Year wise reports of Women Empowerment

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The committee's role will include the following-
1. To play a pivotal role by making efforts towards sensitization of the staff on gender issues by conducting periodic programs and in-house workshops/ gatherings.
2. To take cognizance of complaints about Harassment, conduct proper enquiries, provide assistance and redressed to the victims, recommend penalties and action against harasser, if required.
3. In case of any Sexual harassment complaint, to facilitate the complainant for filing acase to the Indian penal code (IPC), if required.
4. Ensure safety and equality at all levels at the workplace.
5. To recommend arrangements for appropriate emotional, psychological and physical support (in form of counseling and other assistance), if desired by the victim.
  • Committee holds the right to appoint a 'Fact finding committee if there is any complaint/issue received from any branch offices located elsewhere.
  • Fact finding committee' should consist of 2 members from different departments to collect the facts about the issue reported.
  • Fact finding committee members are expected to hold all the information confidential during and after the case enquiry, otherwise Gender Committee can take action on them for any leakage of information about the case.
6. Conducts various women empowerment programmes for girl students of the college
7. Conducts competitions (Literal & co curricular & cultural on various occasions.
8. Prepare financials if required for Awards, incentives, activities etc.
9. Arrange for exhibition on various aspects of women's role in developing the country.
10. Make a list of invited talks to sensitize the students on various issues related to women empowerments, issues, etc.



                1 P. Sailaja Chairperson
                2 G.Sarala Coordinator
                3 K. Sirisha Member
                4 B.Durga Prasanna Member
                5 Ch.Padmini  Member
                6 D.Tejaswi Member
                7 A.Kalyani Member
                8 M.Usha Member
                9 K. Anusha Member
              10 V.Hima Bindu Student Representative
              11 P.Sowmya Student Representative